International Customers

MarineIndustries West can help you with your U.S. orders. We work with all major suppliers and manufacturers in the marine industry.

Flexible shipping options including United States Postal Service, BAX, FedEx, or use your shipping agent.

We can organize your goods from multible suppliers. Once organized, we can package your parts together saving you hundreds in shipping fees.

Because we purchase from all major marine suppliers, we can review your parts list and find you the best price and fastest delivery. It doesn't stop there. We are local to most marine suppliers here in southern California. This allows us to travel directly to their locations and get your parts quickly.

We can organize standard or custom parts. Custom powdercoating or anodizing is no problem.

Give us a try on your next order of parts in the United States, we are confident that we can get your order processed faster and save you on shipping charges.

Bob Jeanblanc

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